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Benefit of the socie where we oper ate


Benefit of the socie where we oper ate


Benefit of the socie where we oper ate


Benefit of the socie where we oper ate

State of Art Manufacturing Facility

M/s.CNC Machine works have state of art new imported CNC Machine Lathe machine which serving to increase productivity.
Machine Modal

Machine Modal

Machine Modal Quick Turn 150 SG

Type of Control System

Type of Control System

Mazatrol Smooth C



Make Mazak Ltd-Japan

List Of Description

Machine Specification - Mazak Quick Turn 150 SG 500U SMOOTH C

CapacityMaximum Swing
Max.Machining Diameter
Maximum Machine Length
Bar Work capacity.
Dia 580 mm
Dia 330 mm
520 mm
Dia 52 mm.
Integral SpindleChuck Size
Spindle Speed
8 Inch
5000 rpm
TurretTurning Tool Shank Size
Boring Bar Shank Diameter
FeedrateRapid Traverse X axis
Rapid Traverse Z Axis
36 mm/Min
Tail StockTail Stock Stroke
Tail Stock Centre
530 mm
MT No:5
MotorsSpindle Motor15 kw
TorqueSpindle233 NM

Measuring Instruments

Measuring tools are important for determining dimensions of any given object. M/s.CNC Machine works always use the right tool for the job. Presently CMW have following measuring Instruments for determine the job sizes as well as purpose of quality checking procedure
1Dail Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo0.02 mm 0 to 300 mm 1 nos
2Digital Vernier Caliper MIB0.01 mm 0 to 300 mm 1 nos
3Digital Depth Vernier Caliper Kency0.01 mm 0 to 200 mm 1 nos
4Digital Depth Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo 0.01 mm 0 to 300 mm 1 nos
5Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo0.01 mm 0 to 25 mm1 nos
6Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo0.01 mm 25 to 50 mm 1 nos
7Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo 0.01 mm50 to 75 mm 1 nos
8Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo 0.01 mm 75 to 100mm 1 nos
9Digital Micrometer Extension Mitutoyo 0.001mm 0 to 150 mm 1 nos
10Magnetic Dail Stand Mitutoyo 0.01mm Standard1 nos
11Vernier Height Gauge Kency0.01mm 0 to 300 mm 1 nos
12Plunger Dail Indicator Mitutoyo0.01mm 10.0 mm Dail 1 nos
13Plunger Dail Indicator Mitutoyo0.01mm 10.0 mm Dail 1 nos
14Plunger Dail Indicator Mitutoyo0.001 inches 0.15 inches 1 nos
15Lever Dail Indicator Mitutoyo0.001mm0.2 mm Dail 1 nos
16Bevel protractor Mitutoyo0.01mm Standard 1 nos
17Surface Table MMT0.01mm 630x630 mm 1 nos
18ID Bore Dial Mitutoyo0.01mm35 to 60 mm 1 nos
19ID Bore Dial Mitutoyo0.001 inches 18 to 35 mm 1 nos
20Slip Gauge Grade 2 Kency 32 Pieces 1.05 to 50 mm 1 nos
21Depth Gauge Gauge Maker 0.01 mm0 to 2.0 mm 1 nos
22Digital ID Micrometer Mitutoyo 0.001 mm 50 to 300 mm 1 nos